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Clear decisions, which was created a few years ago in response to a gap in the marketplace, provides services in Project Management and Business Improvement.

Managing Director of clear decisions, Lisa Twyford (pictured), set up the business after discovering that consultants were being hired by businesses but not delivering effective results.

“Thousands and thousands of dollars were being spent while the client still wasn’t receiving results,” Lisa said.

“Clear decisions wanted to show that services in the project management and business improvement space can achieve results. 

“We created a business based on long term relationships with our clients and our aim is to be their trusted business advisor.”

LisaLisa presented at the recent International Project Management Congress in Brisbane on topics designed to remind project managers that stakeholders are people too, and another presentation highlighting the critical people skills required to keep a project team on track and motivated.

Lisa added that it was satisfying to know that clients were better equipped to improve, grow, and succeed. 

“We take the hassle out of the management, often our clients know what it is that they want to deliver but are busy with day to day operations.”

Clear decisions believe that change is a journey best undertaken with partners and advisors, and the key is to challenge the status quo.

“We bring an independent perspective into business practices, and we think in a unique way and our results reflect this approach,” Lisa added.

A key to this success is using proven methodologies, common sense and best practice approaches. 

TrainingClear decisions specialise in 5 main areas:

- Business Analysis (knowledge management - knowing and capturing what your business does)
- Business Improvement (focuses on increasing efficiency and effectiveness of your business and your employees)
- Change Management (transitioning and transforming business from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow)
- Project Management (achieving your specific goals and objectives)
- Training (with any great change, comes a need for training)

Clear decisions aim to make the complex simple with a focus on improving the way a business operates, growing a business to the next level and succeeding in achieving strategic goals.

The role of the team is to deliver results, outcomes and changes that benefit the bottom line and achieve goals for a business.

Services include being an independent expert collaborator, a mentor, advisor, facilitator or trainer, or an analyst, critic or interventionalist.

Project ManagementLisa noted that there has also been a shift with clients to long term relationships, away from the short term consultancy based arrangements as has previously been the case.

“We see a lot of businesses needing to do more with their time and looking to deliver better results,” Lisa added.

“There is virtually no room for error or rework – especially where business improvement and change is required, largely due to tight budgets and timelines.

“We’re also seeing a lot of clients realise they can’t do it all themselves – so they seek professional advice for their projects and business improvement initiatives.”

Clear decisions step in to allow businesses to focus on what they do best.

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