Enhance your Business Writing - 15 Nov 2011
Enterprise House

Poor communication skills are consistently rated as a dissatisfier from staff and customers. In the minds of your clients your business exists as a product of your ability to communicate clearly with them. Master a few key writing skills and your message will come through clearly with the appropriate tone.

Environment Improver Program - Workshop 2 - Effective energy management - 16 Nov 2011
Enterprise House

Energy costs will continue to rise. Identify simple strategies to reduce your energy use, energy costs and your environmental footprint
OHS Compliance for Small Business - 16 Nov 2011
Enterprise House

This course is designed to assist small business operators gain a greater understanding of their duties and responsibilities under the OHS&W legislation. The course will provide you with the essential tools and knowledge required to effectively manage OHS&W in your business.
Understanding and Managing Conflict - 16 Nov 2011
Enterprise House

Conflict is all around us. It is not something we choose – it just is. If, however, if it is managed well, conflict can bring effective change and energy. This workshop will assist you to positively manage conflict to improve working relationships and promote team harmony.
Environment Improver Program - Workshop 3 - Effective waste management - 16 Nov 2011
Enterprise House

When you send materials to landfill or to sewer, you are paying for them twice. You paid for the materials, and those that become waste are another impost when you pay to dispose of them. Consider ways to increase efficiency and to decrease costs
Environment Improver Program - Workshop 4 - Effective water management - 16 Nov 2011

Enterprise House

Water conservation measures are here to stay. In addition water will become more expensive in the future as the population increases and climate change leads to less predictable rainfall in the catchments supplying South Australia. Quantify your water use and develop strategies for reducing the use of water in your business and for introducing water saving technologies.
OHS for Supervisors/Team Leaders - 17 Nov 2011
Enterprise House

Learn and define your responsibilities under the OHS&W Act 1986 legislation along with the roles and responsibilities of your employer. Explore basic hazard management, the implementation of WHS management systems and gain an introduction to the injury management process.
Essential Payroll Practices - 17 Nov 2011
Enterprise House

You will also learn about the legislative requirements for preparing and administering payroll, so you can calculate your payroll obligations accurately to avoid errors that can be costly and time consuming.
Health and Safety Representative training - level 1 (Essential Developments) - 17 Nov 2011
Innovation House

This 5 day SafeWork SA approved training is for newly elected health and safety representatives in their first year of office. Gain an introduction to the role of health and safety representatives and the processes used to identify and resolve workplace health and safety issues.
Health and Safety Representative training - level 2 (Essential Developments) - 17 Nov 2011
Balyana Conference Centre

This 5 day SafeWork SA approved training is especially designed for health and safety representatives in their second year of office. Extend your skills and knowledge to undertake research and apply the hazard management process at a higher level.

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