Finsbury Green is Australia's leading sustainable communications company.

The company is an acknowledged leader as a solutions provider, delivering an efficient, best practice service that promotes sustainability right through the green supply chain.

National Environmental and Technical Manager at Finsbury Green, Rod Wade, said that the company’s success lies in a dedication to quality, sustainability and personalised service.

“As one of the larger commercial communication companies in Australia, Finsbury Green is also one of the most decorated, resulting in consistent recognition of excellence,” Mr Wade said.

“In our 38 year history we have won a staggering 423 international, national and regional industry quality print awards and eleven environment awards.

 “We believe that we must take responsibility for the economic, social and environmental impacts of our policies, practices and decision making.”

FinsburyFinsbury Green operates in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, where it offers a complete and extensive range of services including:

  • Consulting – Audits  
  • Sales – Account management, account service and online ordering
  • Premedia – Design, construction, proofing and scanning
  • Printing – Offset and digital
  • Finishing – Guillotining, folding, collating, saddle stitching, perfect binding and plasticoating
  • Warehousing – Inventory management, warehousing and distribution.

The company has been the first in its industry on many environmental initiatives, including blending international quality and environmental management systems, low chemical manufacturing practices, low manufacturing wastes and high rates of recycling, carbon neutrality of its manufacturing operation, sustainability reporting, green procurement and industry benchmarking systems.

In its manufacturing, Finsbury Green pursues a policy of alleviating environmental impacts by adopting green technologies, new eco friendly products and devising new methods and processes.

Mr Wade said that some of the new methods and processes range from carbon neutral printing, computer to plate technology, vegetable based ink and alcohol free printing, through to chemical reduction, water and energy initiatives, and waste management processes.

“Finsbury Green was Australia’s first independently audited manufactured carbon neutral printer,” he said.

“Ninety nine percent of all inks used at Finsbury Green are vegetable based with the key ingredients being soy and linseed oil, made from renewable sources.

“Our chemical and solvent usage has been reduced by 90% resulting in consistently low factory to air emission readings.

“Most printers in Australia continue to use alcohol, but today, Finsbury Green is 100% alcohol free and one of only a handful to effect such a change.”

PrintersAs environmental claims flourish, Mr Wade noted that it is easy for people to get confused about what is meaningful.

“Like many companies we can’t make our products without using natural resources and this is why we are committed to truthfulness, transparency and external independent verification,” Mr Wade said.

“We work closely with a whole range of professionals and external auditors so that our customers can have confidence in the accuracy of our claims.”

Mr Wade added that Finsbury Green’s sustainability efforts are woven into the very fabric of its corporate culture.

“For us, sustainability includes almost everything in the operation, from examining the way we work, reducing costs to create customer value and setting benchmarks of our own, rather than simply complying with regulations,” he added.

“We publicise what we do to better inform, to be a good case study and to have a positive impact on all those we come in contact with.”

Mr Wade acknowledged that there were various other challenges being faced in today’s competitive business environment.

“Currently all manufacturers in Australia are finding the economic climate difficult,” he said.

“Added to that, the perception that digital media is more effective than print is also having an impact.

“Having said that, as a company we continue to find new ways to evolve and provide services to our every growing client base.”

This includes a commitment to sustainability initiatives, creating a distinctive point of difference from many of its competitors.

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