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The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has released the findings from their nationwide audit into the retail sector.

They targeted almost 2,000 retail employers, including over 200 in South Australia.

The FWO recovered almost $75,000 from South Australian employers, which was awarded to 95 employees.

South Australian businesses recording the third highest amount of money recovered behind New South Wales and Victoria.

The $74,729 was recouped from just 52 South Australian employers, with the FWO continuing with 10 ongoing investigations in South Australia.

The number of employers found to be in breach in South Australia totaled 52, with our State registering the fourth highest number of employers in contravention behind Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

Most of the breaches, nationwide, were mainly regarding underpayment of wages and non-compliance with time and wage records and pay slip requirements.

Department stores were found to have the top compliance rate, while the pharmaceutical and other store-based retailing sector had the highest contravention rate.

The audit targeted businesses of all sizes, with employers who employ a mixture of full-time, part-time and casual staff.

The audit followed a number of different campaigns and audits of retail employers around Australia. The audit was initiated because of the high number of complaints received from the retail sector, the number of penalties awarded by courts against retail employers and concerns about payment for retail work undertaken before opening and after closing hours.

For this audit, the FWO randomly selected all businesses that were targeted using the Australian Business Register (ABR) database.

To date, the National Retail Industry Campaign has cost businesses around Australia a total of $585, 399 in recovered wages and entitlements.

To hear more about the risks of non-compliance and the huge cost this could have on your business, read the article ‘Think your business is safe from the FWO? Think again’ at:

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