In some areas, environmental auditing has been practiced for more than 20 years.

Despite this, many internal auditors have no formal environmental training and rely purely on gut instinct or alternative training and skills to ‘get them through’ (ie. such as Quality or OHS&W). 

This practice carries with it significant business risk to an organisation’s compliance regime – particularly in light of the Governments’ tightening environmental compliance enforcement regime.

Internal environmental audits serve a wide range of functions - from informing management as to whether their (or their suppliers’) operations are legally compliant, to the extent of whether operations conform to their environmental policies and procedures. 

Audits are also mandatory in the implementation of any effective environmental management system and in the quest to achieve and retain environmental certification standards including ISO14001 and EMAS – whereby ISO14001:2004 dictates that persons conducting internal audits on behalf of an organisation ‘must be competent’; part of which is the suggestion these ‘competent persons’ have completed formal training in delivery and management of environmental audits.

Business SA has developed a new internal environmental auditor training course - specifically to provide participants with the fundamentals necessary to effectively deliver internal environmental audits. 

This will assist in the quest to help your business remain compliant with environmental legislation, and obtain and maintain certification to standards such as ISO14001:2004.


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