Manual Handling and Ergonomics - 14 Feb 2012, Business SA

Australian workers' compensation statistics show that nearly half of all occupational injuries at work happen as a result of manual handling. Manual handling means more than just lifting or carrying an object. It covers any activity involving muscular effort such as pulling a lever, driving a vehicle, writing or holding and operating a power tool
Communication Skills for Supervisors - 14 Feb 2012, Business SA

This course is designed to give supervisors a practical range of tools and considerations to be effective communicators.

OHS for Supervisors/Team Leaders - 14 Feb 2012, Balyana Conference Centre

Learn and define your responsibilities under the OHS&W Act 1986 legislation along with the roles and responsibilities of your employer. Explore basic hazard management, the implementation of WHS management systems and gain an introduction to the injury management process.
Environment Improver Program - Workshop 4 - Effective water management - 15 Feb 2012, Business SA

Water conservation measures are here to stay. In addition water will become more expensive in the future as the population increases and climate change leads to less predictable rainfall in the catchments supplying South Australia. Quantify your water use and develop strategies for reducing the use of water in your business and for introducing water saving technologies.

Environment Improver Program - Workshop 2 - Effective energy management - 15 Feb 2012, Business SA

Energy costs will continue to rise. Identify simple strategies to reduce your energy use, energy costs and your environmental footprint.

Disciplining and Terminating Staff to Avoid Unfair Dismissals - 15 Feb 2012, Business SA

The laws affecting unfair dismissals are a trap for the uninformed proprietor or manager who may dismiss an employee without careful consideration of their actions. Gain an understanding of the correct principles and procedures in disciplining and if necessary, terminating an employee lawfully and fairly.
Workers Compensation for Claims Administrators - 15 Feb 2012, Balyana Conference Centre

This workshop provides claims administrators with knowledge of the legislative provisions of the workers' compensation legislation. It will examine the technical issues such as calculation, payment and redemption of weekly benefits, payment of medical costs and return to work plans.
Environment Improver Program - Workshop 3 - Effective waste management - 15 Feb 2012, Business SA

When you send materials to landfill or to sewer, you are paying for them twice. You paid for the materials, and those that become waste are another impost when you pay to dispose of them. Consider ways to increase efficiency and to decrease costs.
Due Diligence and Governance for Officers - 16 Feb 2012, Vine Inn Barossa

An officer is a person who makes decisions, or participates in making decisions that affect the whole or substantial part of a business or undertaking and has the capacity to significantly affect the financial standing of the business or undertaking.
Introduction to the role of an OHS Coordinator - 16 Feb 2012, Balyana Conference Centre

What is your role compared with others? This program is designed to give you an appreciation of your role and function as an OHS Coordinator, an overview of the South Australian OHS Legislation and the development and implementation of the various types of OHS strategies. Other topics covered include programs or action plans that could be applicable to the needs of your organisation and an understanding of the various tools and resources available to assist you in your role.

Health and Safety Representative training - level 1 (Essential Developments) - 16 Feb 2012, Innovation House

This 5 day SafeWork SA approved training is for newly elected health and safety representatives in their first year of office. Gain an introduction to the role of health and safety representatives and the processes used to identify and resolve workplace health and safety issues.

Health and Safety Representative training - level 2 (Essential Developments) - 16 Feb 2012, Business SA

This 5 day SafeWork SA approved training is especially designed for health and safety representatives in their second year of office. Extend your skills and knowledge to undertake research and apply the hazard management process at a higher level.
Responsible Officer training - 20 Feb 2012, Business SA

It is now compulsory for all Responsible Officers to undertake training to understand this role. Gain an introduction to the OHS&W legislation and explore organisational structures, which will allow you to implement and monitor effective OHS Management systems in your workplace.


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