Solar Panels

Solar Depot is a supplier of renewable energy systems, powering many homes and properties throughout the state.

Managing Director of Solar Depot, Troy Ryan, sold his share in the Solar Shop and set up the company in 2003.

“I took some time to think about how I might do things differently and later that year I had the answer,” Mr Ryan said

“Adelaide Hills Solar was born and I employed other locals who not only had technical expertise, but practiced the sustainable way of living.

“We worked only with quality technology and avoided being tightly bound to any brands.

“We made it a priority to help customers identify ways to reduce their power use so that the system they needed was as small and cost-effective as possible.”

Word of the company spread and after a few years other likeminded technicians were wanting to adopt the model as agents in their patches of Australia.

“It sounded good to me, so in 2006 we changed our name to the non-location-specific “Solar Depot” and here we are today, still going from strength to strength,” Mr Ryan added.  

Today the product range at Solar Depot consists of;

  • Commercial grid connection solutions designed to insulate your business from the rising cost of electricity. This also includes backup power systems to maintain your operations, servers, security, during power outages.   
  • Residential grid connected systems.
  • Standalone power systems
  • Wind turbines
  • Commercial and residential solar hot water systems
  • High efficiency lighting solutions
  • Cleaning and maintenance service to ensure optimum system performance

Fuse boxSolar Depot specialises in the design and installation of commercial systems that can reduce or eliminate power costs, with pay back periods as short as 5 years and return on investment as high as 24%.

Marketing Manager at Solar Depot, Justin Russell, said that many businesses and households were becoming more aware of renewable energy.

“Reducing operating costs is always going to give business a competitive advantage,” Mr Russell said.

“The introduction of a carbon tax in July, coupled with ever increasing power prices, means that power costs are set to rise threefold by 2020.”

Mr Russell said that the team at Solar Depot are experts in their field of work and use the highest quality components.

“Solar Depot is a specialist solar installer, we don’t offer solar as an additional sideline,” he added.

“We walk the talk and most staff have systems on their homes, while our installers are seasoned professionals employed directly by the company.

“All components are rigorously tested to the highest standards, and followed up by regular visits to production facilities across Asia and Europe.”

Mr Russell highlighted that many changes had occurred throughout the industry over recent years.

“Over the past three years the cost per watt for solar PV has more than halved due to global competition and technological advances.

“This has occurred at the same time as energy and infrastructure costs have risen rapidly.

“Within Australia, the residential market has been driven by Government rebates and feed in tariffs.

“This has begun to have a reduced impact as these are wound back and business and homeowners see the financial benefits of solar.”

Mr Russell noted that as in Europe, Australian business owners are increasingly installing solar in order to maintain a competitive advantage and increase profit margins.

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