Peter VaughanWelcome to the April issue of xpress.

It has been a busy start to the year and the wonderful festival of events throughout March provided a welcomed boost to the local economy.

It is pleasing that many businesses across the State have been able to benefit from the increase of travel flowing into South Australia and we hope to see this reflected in upcoming economic data.

As March comes to a close, it is important that we use the economic activity that has been generated over recent weeks as a springboard for the months ahead.

While we cannot sustain a packed calendar of events every month, it is important that our State is not viewed as coming alive for just a couple of months each year.

It has been a real breakthrough to have shops throughout the CBD being able to trade on recent public holidays and the support shown by members of Parliament to reform our shop trading hours is a vote for a vibrant city and for the future of the State.

Public holiday shopping has been massively supported by the people of South Australia, as evidenced over the recent Easter weekend.

The expectations and behaviour of consumers has changed and it was time to accept public holiday trading as an essential part of a progressive city.

It was disappointing that interest rates remained on hold earlier this month, particularly at a time when we need to encourage greater consumer spending across the State, and give businesses a much needed boost in confidence.

It is clearly evident that the two rate reductions before Christmas were not enough and many industries remain under strain.

Economic indicators point to the need for a rate reduction and the Reserve Bank must not wait for further deterioration in performance measures before taking action.

Business SA’s Changes and Challenges Conference will be held in May and once again it will provide all the information for businesses regarding issues being faced in today’s workplace.

Industry experts will be on hand to provide all the latest news and information through workshops, exhibits and presentations. More information about the conference is provided in this xpress.

Business SA’s networking series continued its successful start to the year with the recent event at Hoyts Cinemas Norwood and the next event will be held early next month at the South Australian Film Corporation.

It’s another busy issue of xpress as we have a look at the assistance being offered from Business SA and we catch up with a couple of Business SA members.

Until next edition, Peter Vaughan

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