Shelving & Racking Australia supplies a wide range of industrial and commercial storage systems.

It is a family business, owned and operated by the Hislop family. Two generations, David Hislop and Dougal Hislop are actively involved in the business today. 

The business originally traded as the Hislop Group, selling pallet racking and shelving in the mid 1980’s at a time when the business focussed on second hand product.

The increased emphasis on health and safety in the workplace saw a natural transition to supplying new products that can be tested and certified.

Commercial Director of Shelving & Racking Australia, Dougal Hislop, said that storage systems were required by businesses across all industries.

“Every business needs storage of some kind and with over 20 years in the industry, we have established a broad customer base,” Mr Hislop said.

“Those most reliant on storage include businesses that hold and distribute stock, which include industries such as wholesale, retail and manufacturing, and of course transport and logistics operations.

“Typical service industries are also well represented, from service divisions holding spare parts right through to professional service firms with document storage needs.”

The company sells a comprehensive range of storage systems including pallet racking and industrial shelving systems, cantilever racks, display shelving, long-span shelving, office shelving and compactus units, storage and filing cabinets, archive box shelving, personnel lockers, parts trays, plastic bins and more.

This is complemented by extensive customer service with on-site measurement and advice on layout and design, as well as assembly of storage systems by its experienced installation teams.

ShelvingShelving & Racking Australia supplies products to a broad range of clients in various industries throughout South Australia, as well as in the Northern Territory and regional centres such as Broken Hill and Mildura, which are linked by good freight routes to its Adelaide based warehouse.

Mr Hislop highlighted that effective storage and display solutions had an important role in the operations of a business.

“With businesses currently putting the spotlight on improving productivity and cash flow, improving the efficiency of storage systems is often an untapped opportunity,” Mr Hislop said.

“A well designed and implemented storage system will have benefits in terms of picking and lead times, as well as improving stock management and therefore reducing working capital requirements and stock write offs.

“Often storage areas are only considered when a business is looking to move premises, but advances in forklifts and materials handling equipment mean the best layout 20 years ago may not be the best layout today. 

“Increasing storage density might save you the expense of moving, or it could offer the chance to move to a smaller floor space without losing storage capacity. Either way the annual savings could be significant.”

As with many sectors, Mr Hislop outlined some of the many changes and challenges occurring throughout the industry.

“Generally speaking, improvement in materials handling equipment over the years has driven a tendency towards narrower working aisles, taller racking structures and higher storage density,” he said.

Mr Hislop added that updated Australian standards have changed the way products are designed and certified and that there is increasing work in documenting and reassessing changes to maintain compliance.

“There’s also been a steady shift towards overseas manufacturing.  As a result, the industry has seen greater competition and buyers have benefitted from competitive pricing. But value is important and price is only one part of that equation,” he added.

Shelving & Racking Australia has a range of imported products that are designed, tested and certified in Australia to Australian standards.

“That’s been important for us in making sure our products are right for the Australian market.”

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