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Introducing ThirtyNiners – Engaging with the future leaders of South Australia

Andrew Kay
Thursday, March 16th 2023

Today we can announce the launch of an exciting new initiative for forward-thinking South Australian business leaders, aged 40 years and under. 

A bespoke membership with Business SA, South Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry called ThirtyNiners” is designed to bring together future-focused leaders to collaborate, shape, share and learn. 

It is important for The Chamber to be working closely with these young leaders. 

There is a wealth of young talent in the South Australian business community. We will provide the vehicle for them to learn from each other and find one voice that inspires, creates opportunity, and shapes the future of our state.

The ThirtyNiners will collaborate with our team to enhance our advocacy agenda with the government. The contribution these members make will endure well beyond their tenure as a ThirtyNiner.

The ThirtyNiners will forge deep connections with business leaders, politicians, other members of the Chamber and industry experts, whilst working with Business SA’s team to drive thought leadership and future opportunities for the state. 

Much of the new industry” we hear about in South Australia is being driven by this generation. Their entrepreneurial appetite and belief that anything is possible on a global scale, while still being based in South Australia is outstanding. In years gone by many young business leaders have relocated to the eastern states to find success, and this generation wants to make it happen here. 

This bold new initiative is already receiving support from Business SA’s membership base, with partnerships between Maras Group, Credit Union SA and Bailey Abbott who are all deeply invested in the long-term prosperity of South Australia.

ThirtyNiners will be officially launched at an event held at Light Adelaide on Tuesday 28 March 2023.

For more information about ThirtyNiners — Contact Kate Earl, Director 1839 and ThirtyNiners — kate.​earl@​business-​sa.​com


Andrew Kay

Chief Executive Officer
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