Banners and Mash

From banking to banners… Banners and Mash director Warren Woods has never looked back since starting his banner and signage business with David Lipman in 2010. The small business supplies banners, ...

Business SA Today Articles

Encore’s class of 2018 graduates
Business SA hosted an End of Program Celebration for its Encore Class of 2018 last week, with our...
Member Profile - Small Business Commissioner
Whether your business is battling to be paid by a project manager for sub-contracting work, or yo...
Bringing you the latest in member news
There has been a birthday boom among Business SA members with Charlesworth Nuts, Corporate Conver...
Win tickets to see The Hustle at Wallis Cinemas
If you loved the classic 1980s film  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  starring Steve Martin and Michael C...

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Why Become a Member?
At Business SA, we’re for growth. Our business is designed to help your business grow.  It’s as easy as this: we grow your business , we save you money and we watch your back . But behind this concise ethos, there are so many benefits a membership with Business SA affords you and your comp...

Policy & Advocacy

Business SA Submission to the 2019/20 State Budget
While the State Government is now dealing with less GST revenue that they expected over coming years, the reality is that our GST revenue is still growing albeit at a slower rate. With that backdrop, Business SA has made its annual pre-budget submission with a strong focus on skills, tax reform, ...

Training & Programs

Health and Safety Representative Training - Year 2 - Regional
Course Outline In your second year as a Health and Safety Representative, you are ready to learn how to effectively and constructively represent your work group or committees in health and safety matters. This is the second program in a series of three, as part of your SafeWork approved HSR...


Training Essentials Masterclass - Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
The Training Essentials masterclasses have been designed to give you a deeper understanding of Business SA’s diverse range of training offerings.