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Member Profile - DM Plastics & Steel
Den Tucker and Martin Brocklesby - the names behind the D and M - started DM Plastics & Steel m...
Employees now entitled to unpaid family and domestic violence leave
All employees, including casuals, will now be entitled to five days unpaid family and domestic vi...
Celebrating all things French at Business SA
The French will be celebrating Bastille Day this Saturday, and lets not forget the World Cup Fina...
Does your business export education or training services?
Follow in the footsteps of last year’s Education and Training Export Award winner, Haese Mathemat...

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Why Become a Member?
At Business SA, we’re for growth. Our business is designed to help your business grow.  It’s as easy as this: we grow your business , we save you money and we watch your back . But behind this concise ethos, there are so many benefits a membership with Business SA affords you and your comp...

Policy & Advocacy

Submission to Draft Design Consultation Paper- National Energy Guarantee (July 2018)
Business SA has made a second submission to the Energy Security Board on the design of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). This has been made in conjunction with our representation on the NEG technical working group. While Business SA is still strongly supportive of the NEG, we raised some consi...

Training & Programs

Maintaining a drug safe workplace
Managers and Supervisors play a key role in maintaining a drug safe workplace.  They are in a position to recognise probable drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace including changes in an employee’s performance, physical appearance, behaviour and speech.   Addressing alcohol and other drug ...


Intro to the Startup Scene in Adelaide
It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to build a startup. This event is designed to help new entrants become quickly acquainted with the Adelaide startup scene.