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Elisa Luck
Thursday, October 5th 2023

Whether you’re managing a team of employees or trying to ensure you are meeting your work health safety (WHS) obligations, it can be a minefield working through complex legislation, regulations and codes, in an ever changing industrial relations and WHS legislative environment.

Did you know that the South Australian Business Chamber has an invaluable and comprehensive range of publications that you can arm yourself with to ensure your compliant with workplace requirements? Our Business Bookshop offers everything covering industrial relations, Award servicing, human resource management, WHS obligations and workers compensation. 

Rest easy knowing that our Publications reflect the latest workplace legislation and are updated by highly experienced internal and external advisors — including our newest partner Shopov Giourgas Lawyers.

Elisa Pecorelli, General Manager Programs and Consulting says: We are really pleased to partner with the South Australian Business Chamber Member Shopov Giourgas Lawyers who have collective experience exceeding 100 years in the legal profession. It’s important for the South Australian Business Chamber Members and clients that we collaborate with a reputable specialised law firm that is dedicated as we are, to providing workplace information and advice.

Shopov Giourgas Lawyers work as a team with the South Australian Business Chamber to ensure our Business Bookshop Publications reflect current workplace legislation, are easy to understand and therefore reduce risk and complexity for businesses”. 

Pecorelli says It can be daunting for businesses to work through changes to legislation and trying to understand what it all means for them. As part of our service, we also provide subscribers with regular email alerts that highlight in a user-friendly manner what has changed, when changes take place, and how changes impact your workplace”.

We have a Publication for every occasion and great discounts for the South Australian Business Chamber members, so check out what we have available in our Business Bookshop or contact us today on (08) 8300 0000.


Elisa Luck

General Manager, Programs and Consulting
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