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The importance of building successful managers in your organisation

Cindy Jackway
Thursday, September 28th 2023

Building effective and successful managers is essential for the overall health and success of a business. Effective managers drive productivity, innovation and employee satisfaction, while helping the business adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape. 

Today’s managers need to be flexible, resilient and knowledgeable, especially around understanding relevant laws and regulations to avoid legal issues and liabilities. Managers are feeling the squeeze with today’s workforce marred by widespread disruptions and wellbeing, record turnover and hiring rates, and an unprecedented increase in hybrid work. 

Ultimately, it’s the manager’s job to bring stability to this disruption and lead their teams into the future — yet these responsibilities have never been more demanding. As a result, employee engagement and overall satisfaction have substantially declined, and employees intent to leave has increased, therefore going forward, it will be critical to support and develop your managers, as they account for 70% of the variance of team engagement results.

The South Australian Business Chamber has released a one day dynamic and engaging program designed to inspire and empower managers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their role. Through interactive learning, exercises, and insightful discussions, they will discover their potential and be able to develop strategies to become an effective and resilient manager.

This training is delivered on request for your organisation — read more and submit a training enquiry here.


Cindy Jackway

Training Manager
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