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Time is running out to share your thoughts on South Australian business conditions

Kendall Crowe
Thursday, August 3rd 2023

Early responses have shown business owners’ issues with payroll tax, the implications of rising energy costs, views on current economic policies and issues specific to their industry. We need to hear your thoughts on these topics and how your business is impacted. 

We advocate for business in South Australia every day on a range of issues – and your input is crucial. 

We are advocating to reduce the payroll tax burden for SA businesses, and we will continue this fight. It is absurd that while wages continue to climb, the payroll tax threshold stays the same! We also want to see payroll tax halved in regional South Australia. 

We’ve also fought for grants for small business to improve their energy efficiency and keep costs down. 

Your views are so important in our advocacy — the more data and commentary we collect, the stronger our arguments become. 

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Highlights from SOBE responders so far: 

On payroll tax: It is the single largest factor which will decrease our employment, investment into our business and staff and turnover as we plan to downsize in an attempt to return to profit. This will make us vulnerable long term to our competitors, mean that we lose our depth of skill and must decrease the services provided. 

On energy costs: The Government needs to get on top of the energy market with long term” plans to build a reliable and low-cost environment. The past projects have increased costs, not decreased them.

On economic issues: I think the cross purposes of Federal Government trying to off-set the cost of living’ is countering the efforts of the Reserve Bank. 
They shouldn’t over inflate the money supply in the first place. They shouldn’t be the fire brigade and the arsonist at the same time


Kendall Crowe

General Manager, Policy, Advocacy and International Services
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