Dealing with Difficult Situations - Training Course

Half-day course for all employees in an organisation

This course can be delivered on-site at your premises, or at one of our training facilities.

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Course outline

The world is an interesting place that has a great variety of people, personalities, and situations.

At various times these human interactions can result in difficult situations and conflict.

Being able to effectively respond to difficult situations or behaviours will help you to navigate challenging situations and personalities with strategies that maintain professionalism in the face of adversity. Being able to manage difficult situations will help you to become a better communicator and provide you with skills to deal with conflict to ensure a mutually beneficial resolution.

This course has been designed to provide participants with an understanding of how to deal with difficult situations or behaviours. You will learn how other people’s behaviour impact you and your business, develop strategies to understand your own behaviour and how to better manage other people’s behaviour. Learn to be more comfortable with conflict situations and become more assertive in your own communication and how to react assertively to these challenging behaviours.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understanding difficult behaviours and what drives them.
    • Understand the brains response to other people’s behaviours.
    • Understand the impact difficult situations have on business.
    • Develop a better understanding on the theories on behaviour.
    • Understand the best strategies to deal with difficult situations.
    • Understanding your own conflict management style and the emotional aspects of conflict management.
    • Understanding the misconceptions about conflict and developing your own conflict management strategies.
    • Learn how to become a better communicator.
    • Learn how to become more assertive when dealing with conflict situations.
    • Using the power of choice.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for participants who wish to develop an understanding of the impact of difficult situations on staff and the business, and how to manage them. 


        4 hours

        Course costs

        Training course
        Dealing with Difficult Situations
        15 April 2024, 8:45am - 1pm
        Training course
        Dealing with Difficult Situations
        6 June 2024, 8:45am - 1pm
        Our Training lead

        Cindy Jackway

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