Creating an Inclusive Workplace - Training Course

4 hour course for all employees in an organisation

This course can be delivered on-site at your premises, or at one of our training facilities.

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Course outline

Diversity and Inclusion is about creating a sense of belonging amongst employees in the workplace, where they feel their talents matter and their individual needs are cared for by their colleagues and managers. We are all different and these differences can have an amazing impact on the organisation. Working in a diverse and inclusive environment helps employees feel more connected whereby they then tend to work smarter and harder, producing a higher quality of work. Developing a better understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace will help you to support, value and leverage diversity and inclusion to create an environment in which your team is fully inclusive, happier, more innovative and creative.

This course has been designed to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. You will learn how to assess opportunities cultivate and build diversity and inclusion and understand how be to be more inclusive leader. 

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand what diversity and inclusion entails.
    • Assess opportunities for diversity and inclusion.
    • Understanding the legislative and regulatory requirements.
    • Implement strategies to support leveraging diversity and inclusion.
    • Develop opportunities for inclusive engagement.
    • Cultivate and build diversity and inclusion.
    • How to be an inclusive leader.
    • Developing diversity and inclusion best practices.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for participants who wish to develop an understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 


        4 hours

        Training delivery

        This training is delivered on request for your organisation. It can be delivered on site at your workplace or at our training facilities. Please submit a training enquiry further information.

        Our Training lead

        Cindy Jackway

        Training Manager

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