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Business SA member The Good Scout Travel Co will be focusing purely on the Gold Coast market over the coming weeks, as co-founder Scott Crowley prepares for and competes at the Commonwealth Games on 7 April.

Scott, who co-founded The Good Scout Travel Co with his wife Clair, did his first triathlon 11 years ago and narrowly missed selection for the past two Olympic Games.

The talented and hard-working triathlete has worked his way up to 12th in the world, and will be competing in the sprint para triathlon on the Gold Coast.

Setting a good example when it comes to achieving goals, Scott has also helped create a world-first travel company which specialises in advising people with disabilities on destination accessibility, and on other travel-related issues.

When travelling as a family of four, the Crowleys know how important it is to be able to access accommodation, activities, games rooms and even swimming pools. Having a wheelchair-accessible sticker doesn’t always mean sites are wheelchair friendly either.

The Good Scout Travel Co can help advise families where a family member has a disability on accessible locations throughout South Australia and is growing its interstate and international network.

Scott has also faced barriers as a wheelchair athlete, with little funding available for non-mainstream sports. He appreciates the help he can get. 

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