Are your workplace safety systems up-to-date?

Do your staff have the necessary skills and knowledge they need to drive productivity and ensure safe working conditions? As we approach the end of the financial year, now is the time to review your workplace safety systems.
Do your identified officers understand their due diligence requirements? Key responsibilities include understanding WHS legislation, relevant duties for your business and workers, reasonably practicable regulations, codes of practice and what impacts there could be for failing to comply with legal requirements to ensure your workplace is safe.  Read more about our WHS for Officers training here
Is your safety committee effective? A safety committee needs to understand how Work Health and Safety obligations are to be adhered to within an organisation, and to effectively contribute to solving matters which arise. Read more about Your Safety Committee and WHS training here
Are your policies and procedures up-to-date? Documentation is something that done well, can save your business. It’s important your HSR, WHS coordinators, managers and supervisors learn how to effectively review and improve legally required documentation processes. Read more about Policy and Procedures training here
Does your workplace promote positive health and wellbeing? Now, more than ever before, the importance of health and wellbeing within the workplace is in the spotlight, with leading companies around the globe helping their people operate at their optimum by feeling their best. Read more about Health and Wellbeing at Work training here
Do you have staff who are new to managing WHS and who need to better understand WHS principles? Your staff should know how to navigate the WHS Act, how to undertake inspections and effectively identify and manage your business risks. Read more about Managing WHS in the Workplace here
Business SA is here to help – book scheduled training before the end of the financial year and get 10 per cent off, details here

Kick off the next financial year with staff trained to deliver.

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