Bowhill Engineering

The South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme (SAYES) has been in operation for 18 years! We recently touched base with past participant Jeremy Hawkes from Bowhill Engineering.You participated in...

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Think you’re too old to be an entrepreneur? Think again.
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Now might not be the right time to start a business. But tomorrow is definitely the wrong time!
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Business Advice Hotline
Got a burning question about your business? A problem that needs solving? Maybe you just need a quick tip right now or a little reassurance that you’re heading down the right track with a decision you’re about to make…  We’re only a phone call away.  Our Business SA Advice Hotline has proven ...

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Business Payroll Guide
This Business Payroll Guide, prepared by Business SA, addresses the practical issues that businesses need to apply in implementing their payroll systems on a day-to-day basis. The aim of the Guide is provide users with an easy-to-use reference manual to enable the effective and accurate processin...

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Consultation Processes
Opening up lines of communication surrounding WHS in an effective manner will reap dividends within your business. This course aims to provide HSRs, or managers/supervisors advice on legal requirements around consultation, but also highlight the best strategies for getting the most from this comm...


FTA Training - Understand and Utilise FTAs
Maximising your export opportunities and benefits in China, Japan and Korea