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Let PAYpack be your saviour when it comes to modern awards. Don’t spend your precious time wading through pages and pages of unnecessary information but rather, let Business SA’s PAYpack do the work for you.

PAYpack has been prepared by Business SA to assist you in understanding, interpreting and complying with your Modern Award obligations. PAYpack is available across a range of Modern Awards and just for your convenience; PAYpack is fully searchable and has an automated table of contents, directing you to the right section with one click.

If you subscribe to PAYpack you will receive a concise document containing wage rates, the Award and the latest information including regular alerts of Award changes, which will be delivered right to your email.  

PAYpack is essential to employers and provides you with peace of mind in Modern Award compliance.

PAYpack is included complimentary subscription as part of most membership packages, should you join us at Business SA. 

Click Here To View PAYpacks in our Business Bookshop


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